As a nonconformist, it was hard to take my editor seriously when she advised me to “consider new book covers” so they would better conform to their suspense-thriller genre. My editor is a wise woman, so I took her advice and studied the various genre book covers.

Sure enough: Romance covers are filled with bare chested sexy men with rippling abs, Historicals are big on castles and battle scenes, Cozy Mysteries are sweet, Fantasy covers full of dragons, symbols, and dark personas draped in capes, while Thrillers are full of shattered images, grunge text and fleeing figures.


Okay. Maybe my editor had a point. Maybe I have been a mustang  running in a herd of zebras.

Plain horse-sense said:

It is well said that every picture tells a story. The woman with a black eye on the cover of Special Victims Unit clearly sends a message to the reader that theme of the novel includes domestic violence.

Ritual Abuse shows a man suffering with his mouth taped shut because Ritual Abuse is a taboo topic in today’s progressive culture.

The woman on 5150 is clearly frightened, her hands over her ears suggesting that she doesn’t want to hear the truth.

Good Marketing says:

People shop by logo and design recognition.  “This looks like a Nike, so it might be as good as a Nike.

DON’T GET ME WRONG. I promise you, dear readers, that an untamed mustang still runs free between the pages; racing with the wind, galloping through the chapters and I promise you the same exciting, wild ride from beginning to end of each novel.


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