“Logan you’re so hot – the craziest bad boy I’ve ever seen!  I want all the male characters! Wow!”

Logan is a bad, bad man. Tall, muscular, dark eyes, dark hair, dark spirit.  His mustache was black, his leathers were black and his Harley was black.

But who is completely bad? Clearly, this violent man has issues. It is all about Power and Control.


What motivates the lust for power? People argue various possibilities, but the common belief is that the insatiable quest for power is simply overcompensation from a formerly powerless victim.  Classic examples include victims of child abuse, violence, and prisoners of war. Other valid theories regarding this obsessive behavior, include excessive production of testosterone in the body.

Abused child + raging testosterone + “good-looking in a dangerous sort of way” = Logan.

Bad girls openly flirted with him and good girls peeked at him with irrepressible curiosity.

Yes, I thought I loved Logan; the easy-going man with a southern drawl, careless air and flattering tongue.


With the drive for power comes the need for control. For power without control, like flying a jumbo jet without a pilot is simply insane, and not power at all. Control requires intelligence. Not to be confused with wisdom

Intelligent + Powerful + Needy = Logan

The realization brought a tear that slipped out in secret one night, as Logan slept with his arms like a vice, wrapped tightly around me.

Perhaps Logan had been right when he declared to his friends that he was “bullet-proof,” invincible and immortal.

Logan smiled at me like a sinister kid, smiling at a butterfly speared with a pin and stuck to a mat.

Power and Control


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