Special Victims Unit

Book One in The Advocate Series: Special Victims Unit

Sunny McLane knew about domestic violence and rape long before she became a legal advocate for victims of abuse and sexual assault. Born in a rural cabin in the high Sierras, daughter of a Hells Angel father and a flower child mother, these are her mountains – the source of her passion and pain.

When her father rode in on her on her 16th birthday, he brought his brothers from the Oakland Chapter, colorful presents wrapped in adolescent paper and bright dancing bows, and a dark mysterious stranger, named Logan.



Logan always gets what he wants. He wanted power, he wanted control, and he wanted me. He will get those things by whatever means necessary. By aligning himself with Hells Angels, most powerful biker gang in the world, through passion and poison, magnetism and violence, bouquets and beatings, the outcome is predictable. Logan always wins.

I escaped the mountains and my past to find my life’s purpose and passion as an advocate for victims of violence and unimaginable joy exchanging “forever” vows with Chance McLane.

You don’t just walk away from your past, and no one walks away from Logan. I will always be his property and the property of Hells Angels. His enemies have become my enemies.

The Special Victims Unit targets domestic violence and sexual assault and the cases remind me of the pain and futility of hope and faith. Where to go when you can’t go back and the road ahead is blocked by a landslide of secrets?

Choices have consequences: life, death, love, hate, God or the world— Victim or Survivor.

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See What People Are Saying:

“Logan you’re so hot, but you’re the craziest bad boy I’ve ever seen! I want all the male characters! Wow! What I liked most was the real life situations that gripped me through the midnight hours! Thank goodness for Starbucks in the AM! Highly recommend this book!”

Minnie G., Rabid Reviews

“An amazing blend of genres, this book has it all: Suspense, romance, gritty, humor — a sublime underlying message throughout.”

Gail Edmundson, MRT SR., Mental Health

“Best Ever! Compelling truth-in-fiction drama that cuts straight to the heart of the legal and emotional issues of the Special Victims Unit.” 

Shirley-Ann Kaapro, Victim Witness

 “A book of faith and conflicts; you will enjoy this story of one woman’s personal struggles, aspirations, and triumphs through the journey of life.”

Linda Medina, CASA; Child Advocate

“An intriguing story that challenged my everything: My faith, shattering social myths, and a deeper understanding of what it truly means to be a victim.” 

Karen Clark, Advocate


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