More About Dawn

I almost wasn’t born. Doctors advised my mom to abort me. Being a  self-determined feminist, my mother refused. My father was a writer, a dreamer, a spy (really!), and manager of Yosemite National Park. Both parents rode motorcycles, complete with leathers and cuffed jeans, smoking their cigarettes and cigars respectively. I rode on Dad’s tank with my brother behind him and sister writing two-up behind our mom. — Pretty sure we kept the neighbors entertained.

I have written since I was old enough to hold a pencil. Highlights include winning Speaker of the Year from Ronald Regan and freelancing for newspapers and magazines, including National Geographic.

I still live on the wild side. Wilderness adventures include living on horseback with my newborn son while riding the Pacific Crest Trail, mushing Siberian Huskies, being the first woman to cross-country ski an 1800’s Sierra Nevada wilderness route, and fighting wild land fires for CDF.

I have been a speaker for the National Organization of Victim Assistance and Department of Justice, served on the Board for Rape Crisis, frequently traveled recover abducted children, and served as an Expert Witness for eight years on felony domestic violence cases. My work through the District Attorney encouraged and supported me to become a national expert and speaker on the topic of Ritual Abuse.

Later, I spent five years working in Psychiatric Emergency screening §5150’s; California’s code for evaluating the homicidal, suicidal, and mentally incapacitated.

Jesus Christ is my best friend and my Advocate. He remains the only pure, unconditional love I have ever known. He uses me to minister to bikers, inmates, and hurting women. When I thought I was retired He gave me a divine directive to “Write the Book.” So now, I am an author, living my dream.

I love God, my husband, our children and grandchild. I love dogs, barbecues, summer nights, visiting Israel, good books, dark chocolate and fine wine. I love writing for you and I invite you into my world.

I have been told that my books are too worldly for Christian publishers and too Christian for the secular world, and yet reviews come in from everyday people who have enjoyed reading The Advocate Series.

I hope you will enjoy it too.

God Bless,