Make Domestic Violence Awareness a Bestseller

October and the hard work of marketing. Writing was so much more fun! Those days are gone. Even the big name novelist of our time are expected to do significant amounts of their own marketing. Hard, yes. But there is beauty and peace and encouragement in the midst of my labor.

I look at my readers, my flock, my tribe, and I am stunned by their beauty. The women that fight against domestic violence and ritual abuse are a radiant field of flowers dancing in the winds of adversity. My sisters; each one as unique as a snowflake in winter, as colorful as a bouquet in spring, as sturdy as the forest where I live. They are my precious sisters that bring a smile to my tired face each October.

These delicate blossoms carry beautiful names like Survivor, Mother, and Free at Last — while their wild cousins have names like Feminist, Advocate, and Violence No More. Mingled together, they are a bouquet of life; fragrant and glorious, lighting our world with every color.

How I love and admire my sisters.

I want to thank each one of you that bought the novel, Special Victims Unit to make it a bestseller, and thereby promote Domestic Violence Awareness. It is my prayer that the thrilling suspense story within will bless and encourage each one of you.


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