The Advocate Book Series

There are two kinds of advocates in this world: those motivated by sympathy, and those driven by empathy. Sunny McLane knows all about violence and pain.

Staring out over the turbulent waters of the Feather River, Sunny identifies with the wild salmon as they fight the tides of destiny to a tragic, yet beautiful conclusion. She surmises that the wild salmon are nature’s advocates, dedicating and sacrificing their lives for the greater good. She knows they are suffering, and like her, they are torn in two. They survived the transition from the freshwater of the High Sierras to the heavy salt water of the Pacific Ocean. Now they must find their way home, realigning body and spirit to freshwater, no matter the cost.

She wonders, how one soul can be so divided? She has come from the quiet solitude of the mountains to work with victims of violence. Leaving a violent and abusive relationship, she found love and the perfect marriage. Found God, only to slow dance with the devil.

If she were a salmon, she would be in the estuary, that fragile place where saltwater and freshwater collide, eyeing the road home where predators line the banks and dark fleeting shadows skirt the sky above.

Tired of running and losing the battle, Sunny must resolve her inner conflicts and the mounting external threat to her life. Doing nothing is no longer an option and either choice is likely to result in death.