Book Three in The Advocate Series: Organ trafficking

Coming in October, 2017

hardback3 How far would you go to save the one you love?  

She was in her forties with henna-red hair that was matted and disheveled; a thick layer of clown-red rouge was applied to her leathery cheeks, topped off with ewe-de-homeless perfume.

Today, her sundress was fresh off the rack white with red polka dots resting above white lace trimmed anklets nestled inside of a pair of delicate white high heels. Accessories included a coordinating white with red polka dot lace-trimmed parasol to protect her from the rain and a white purse clutched in her trim white cotton gloved hands.

“Mrs. McCray,” I greeted the delightful narcissist. “You look absolutely lovely today. Wherever did you find such a beautiful dress?”

Mrs. McCray looked at the floor, her cheeks as red as the dots on her dress, false eyelashes fluttering. “These old things?” she murmured. “Why, I traded for them.”

“And what might you have traded for that lovely outfit?”

“Same as everyone else, dear,” she said. “My kidney.”

Sunny never planned on working for Mental Health, but then, she hadn’t planned losing her job over shooting people either. Now she screens 5150’s: the code for homicidal, suicidal, and those people mentally incapable of caring for themselves. Frequently, those clients are among the homeless, and the homeless are making crazy claims of waking up with missing body parts.

When no one at work believes her, Sunny sets out to investigate possible illegal organ trafficking. Her trail leads her on paths through the wild Sierra Nevada Mountains and into the bustling city of Oakland, twisting and turning, rocking and rolling, leading her into dark places and perilous dangers she never could have fathomed.

“This is just plain beautiful.”  Paper View Book Club

“Dark, Disturbing, and Delicious…”  Novel Women Book Review

“An ocean of red herring that reeled me in.”  Guyz Talk