The Advocate Series

WP Home page 202x302“Completely real, credible, and deliciously different.”  Woman2Woman Book Club. “This fine, suspenseful debut explores desperation, morality, and loss.” Morningtide Publishing   “A powerful and thought provoking story about the damaging ways in which we store our private sorrows, and the consequences of such terrible secrets.”  Independent Media Productions   “Irresistible! A high concept plot that keeps you riveted from the first page!”  Integrity Publishing


Sunny McLane is born in a remote cabin in the Sierra Nevada Mountains during the great back-to-the-land movement of the 1970’s,  daughter of a Hells Angel father and a flower child mother. Life in the high country is a roux of love and violence, abandonment and brutality, drugs and a burning quest to know God. She develops unique perspectives, a rare set of survival skills, and a distinct passion for helping victims.

“As an advocate I build bridges,” she mused. “As a victim I burn them down.”

*     *     *

 Like colorful threads in a bold tapestry, the Advocate’s cases are tightly interwoven with her secret past. Betrayed by love, pursued by hate, life will ultimately drive her to a place where faith and horror collide in this compelling, pulse-pounding story of an abused woman who is determined to survive at any cost. THE ADVOCATE is a gritty tale that blends seamlessly across multiple genres. A gripping story of love, betrayal, and faith, set in the contemporary world and guaranteed to entertain, inspire, and forever change the way you view interpersonal violence.